Good Advice

A collection of posts on useful advice - both for buying, selling and coping with kids!

Reshopper is brilliant for finding good quality clothes for your children without breaking the bank. However, the simplest way to save money and also be environmentally responsible is to take the very best care of your children’s clothes so that you do not have to replace items that often. Also, the more care that you take of your children’s clothes when they wear them, the better resale price you can get for them when they have grown out of them!

Many people actively search for secondhand kids’ items in January as they know that they can find great bargains, and lots of unwanted presents from Christmas. That's why there is no better time than now to put your children’s items up for sale in the app. However, we know it can be hard to get started, so we have got some tips to help inspire you.

Christmas outfit season has approached - but how can you be festive and still fight the throwaway mentality of fast fashion? We have some ideas!

So you have been super organised and got the children’s Christmas gifts all sorted before December! Hurrah! But how do you make sure that they stay hidden until Christmas day? Never fear - we have got some tips to get you stashing them away like a Ninja!

No matter the item, a clear picture helps to attract interested buyers. Not sure where to start? Here, Anna and Mille from Reshopper give some handy tips on what can make a saleable photo:

If your house already looks like Hamleys, the thought of filling up stockings and buying even more toys is enough to sap any Christmas cheer you might have. Well worry no longer - Reshopper is here! We have some tips to help you clear and sort out your children’s toys and even make some money towards your present fund.


If you have ever wondered what the different logos on your children's clothes, toys or bedding mean, we have a quick guide for you here!

As Organic September kicks off here in the UK, we are celebrating the benefits of organic children’s wear. Find out more about organic cotton and why buying organic childrenswear makes sense.

August Bank holiday Monday usually marks the end of summer. As the children start to head back to school and the season changes, it makes sense to do a good clear out and list items for sale. Reselling your old stuff can also help fund the cost of the new season’s clothes and get some cash in your account before Christmas!

We love secondhand and we believe that reusing kids items is good for the planet and for your wallet. However, we strongly recommend one item that parents buy from new - and that is car seats.