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Many people actively search for secondhand kids’ items in January as they know that they can find great bargains, and lots of unwanted presents from Christmas. That's why there is no better time than now to put your children’s items up for sale in the app. However, we know it can be hard to get started, so we have got some tips to help inspire you.

Christmas outfit season has approached - but how can you be festive and still fight the throwaway mentality of fast fashion? We have some ideas!


If you have ever wondered what the different logos on your children's clothes, toys or bedding mean, we have a quick guide for you here!

As Organic September kicks off here in the UK, we are celebrating the benefits of organic children’s wear. Find out more about organic cotton and why buying organic childrenswear makes sense.

One day in 2011, Jonas Funk Johannessen went for a walk with the pushchair around his neighbourhood. As he strolled and looked at his neighbours' houses, it struck him. Think of all the pushchairs, outgrown children's clothes and books that were just lying about and collecting dust in all the families garages.