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Today, Reshopper was featured on BBC Radio 4's You and Yours programme. Here you can find out a bit more about Reshopper and how you can save money on buying item's for your child or make money by reselling their outgrown items.

One day in 2011, Jonas Funk Johannessen went for a walk with the pushchair around his neighbourhood. As he strolled and looked at his neighbours' houses, it struck him. Think of all the pushchairs, outgrown children's clothes and books that were just lying about and collecting dust in all the families garages. 

Thanks for your interest in Reshopper! We are a Danish app created by parents for parents. We believe that trading children’s preloved things (clothes, toys, furniture, gear) should be easy, efficient, safe and local! We have over 300,000 users across Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands and are excited to be launching in the UK.