Do you sell your children's clothes on Instagram? Why not join 350k parents across Northern Europe who use Reshopper to safely and easily trade their children’s preloved items.

We are proud to unveil our new Private Messaging feature! 


If you have ever wondered what the different logos on your children's clothes, toys or bedding mean, we have a quick guide for you here!

It's no secret that at the Reshopper office we all really like to buy a lot of children's clothes from Reshopper. We have already started shopping for our children's autumn wardrobe. You have to be early if you want to get the good things!

As Organic September kicks off here in the UK, we are celebrating the benefits of organic children’s wear. Find out more about organic cotton and why buying organic childrenswear makes sense.

August Bank holiday Monday usually marks the end of summer. As the children start to head back to school and the season changes, it makes sense to do a good clear out and list items for sale. Reselling your old stuff can also help fund the cost of the new season’s clothes and get some cash in your account before Christmas!

Public Health England have reported that not enough adults get even 10 minutes of exercise a day. We know it is hard to fit in exercise into a packed everyday programme so here are 7 fun ideas that you can do together with your children that will get you both moving.


One day in 2011, Jonas Funk Johannessen went for a walk with the pushchair around his neighbourhood. As he strolled and looked at his neighbours' houses, it struck him. Think of all the pushchairs, outgrown children's clothes and books that were just lying about and collecting dust in all the families garages. 

We love secondhand and we believe that reusing kids items is good for the planet and for your wallet. However, we strongly recommend one item that parents buy from new - and that is car seats.

Now that you’ve seen how easy it is to buy something using Reshopper, why not give selling a go? It’s quick, easy and can help you generate more cash to fund your purchases!