Our Story

A common scene across Denmark: it’s the morning and parents have a snoozing baby on one arm and their smartphone in the other hand. Half an hour later, they have scored several bargains, all ready to be picked up on that afternoon’s walk to the park. Sounds great? Now launching in the UK, Reshopper is the app that over a quarter of a million parents across Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands use to sell and buy preloved toys, clothes and accessories.

The Problem
One day in 2011, Jonas Funk Johannessen went for a walk with the pushchair around his neighbourhood. As he strolled and looked at his neighbours' houses, it struck him. Think of all the pushchairs, outgrown children's clothes and books that were just lying about and collecting dust in all the families garages. You could of course, he thought, try to sell them online, but it was time consuming to organise and upload photos, annoying to get to the post office, and then only to find out that the selling fees ended up being more than you expected. If you were a buyer, when you finally received the item, often you found that it wasn’t as it was described. It was a frustrating problem, especially when there were so many good and useful things likely to be just around the corner.

Surely it would be easier for families with children to choose the environmentally friendly route and trade their children's clothes and equipment with other families in the local area?

The Team
The idea was there, but Jonas could not bring it to life by himself. He called up his old study mates, Anders Dahl Pape and Nicolai Danmark Johannesen, and together they started building the app and developing the idea. The team soon settled on Nicolai’s suggestion of a name, Reshopper.

Nicolai also recruited an old friend from his kindergarten, the developer Anders Munk, who co-ordinated the development of the app. However, as new fathers, the Founders didn’t have a lot of time or resources to devote to their app and other work soon took over.

However, the idea was so good it wouldn’t go away! The need for a platform where families with children could sell their baby equipment to their neighbours or buy clothes the next size up easily, quickly and safely was evident. The Founders continued to develop and work on the idea for the next three years without pay. In 2015, they received investment which allowed them to work fulltime on Reshopper and 2016, hired Aja Guldhammer Henderson, former Airbnb Manager for Scandinavia and the Netherlands, as CEO to scale the company and launch it internationally.

The App

When you have a child, you realise how precious time really is. You find that there is never enough time in the day and you need everything to be organised as easily as possible. Therefore it was really important that Reshopper was simple and elegant, and this philosophy was reflected from the very start of a new user’s journey - in the registration process.

According to developer and co-founder Anders Dahl Pape, the simplicity of Reshopper is the most important element. "You can convert your home into your own shop in minutes and earn money on preloved items that are no longer needed. It is fast and simple - just take a picture with your mobile, add information and the price and you are done!”

The measurement the Founders use for success is simple; can it be done with a baby on one arm? It is possible to do everything on the app from creating an ad to clicking and buying a piece of clothing or a pushchair with one hand. All new features are always developed with this stress test - if it is not possible, then the team have to go back to the drawing board. For us, it is critical that that it is easy to use Reshopper as a parent...even (or especially!) with a sleeping baby on your shoulder.

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