Sleep Positioners

As per the recent news stories linking the use of sleep positioners to babies deaths in the US, Reshopper UK will be removing all listings involving baby sleep positioners. This also follows our removal of Bednest Bedside Cribs lisitings for similar reasons .

Products that this policy includes (but is not limited to) :

  • the Clevamama Clevasleep Baby Sleep Positioner

  • Occo baby universal bassinet wedge and baby sleep positioner

  • Tineo Teddy bear sleep support

  • Kakiblin Functional Anti Flathead Syndrome baby sleep positioner

  • Cocoonababy baby sleep positioner

For clarification, the Sleepyhead baby nest, Poddle Pod, Babymoov Cosydream nest and Purflo Breathable nest are not considered sleep positioners so will still be allowed to be listed in the marketplace.

We advise all parents of newborns to take a look at the Lullaby Trust's website for more information on safe sleeping practices to prevent SIDS and their safer sleep checklist of recommended sleep products.


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