Toy Decluttering ahead of Christmas

You can’t have failed to notice that the shops are already promoting their top toys for Christmas, and your children might have already started talking about what they want from Santa. If your house already looks like Hamleys, the thought of filling up stockings and buying even more toys is enough to sap any Christmas cheer you might have.

Well worry no longer - Reshopper is here! We have some tips to help you clear and sort out your children’s toys and even make some money towards your presents fund.

  1. Naughty Elfs or Christmas Angels?

The first step is to think about your children. Are they under three or likely to be a distraction whilst you sort through their toys? If you are in any doubt, make sure that you undertake this when they are out or asleep - otherwise it is guaranteed this quick job will end up taking twice as long and being 4 times more unpleasant!

If your children are old enough however, this could be a great opportunity to have a chat about making room for Christmas and teaching them the concept of decluttering.

  1. Go for the heavy hitters

If you want a quick easy win, start by looking at the big items. Bikes, scooters, playmats, jumperoos, dolls houses, play kitchens, car garages, marble runs - all those items which are easy to spot, take up space and often don’t fit neatly on a shelf or storage bin.

Look at each item and ask yourself:

  • Is this still suitable for your child’s age, size or developmental level?
  • Has it been played with in the last 3 months?
  • Will your child continue to play with this in the next 3 months?
  • Does your child actually love it more than you as a parent love the idea of this toy?

If the answer is no to any of the above, then check the condition of the item. Does it still have all of its parts? Is it still in good working order? If it is faulty, can it easily be fixed?

If so, take a snap and list on Reshopper! We have categories specifically for Toys, Bikes and for Gear, so it will be easy for your item to be seen by other parents, who might be in the market for what you are offering.

  1. The small toys

These tend to fall under the term pocket money toys and are often bought as a distraction - toy cars, marbles, small figures, bouncing balls, wind up toys. The brilliant thing is that often these are classic toys and so are perfect as stocking fillers! Children often like things that are new to them - they don’t have to be brand new. By listing them on Reshopper, you are not only reclaiming some space, but you are helping your wallet, the environment and another family who can get good use out of them.

Clean them up, and bunch them together if they make sense as a set (for example, see photos above how other parents have listed them). Take a photo and list them on Reshopper. If you write ‘Stocking filler’ in your description, this will help parents to find your items in the search listings.  

Grab a plastic clear food saver bag and stick the set in there. This is the super easy way of making sure that when the buyer comes to collect, all the items are there!

  1. The Rest

Hopefully, the previous two steps will give you the motivation to keep going through the rest of the toys. It is so much easier if you tackle each category in turn - this could be board games, puzzles, sports equipment, teddies, dolls, figures...once you start, it is very easy to see whether something is worth saving or letting go. As a parent, once you start looking through, you will know which items your children have played with recently and which ones they have got bored of, and also which ones come Dec 26th, will probably be forgotten in favour of the new presents.

We will be promoting toys on our social media between now and Christmas, so get your stuff listed and get it gone! Because all of your items are listed in your shop, it is super easy for buyers to pick up that extra toy or book when they are collecting that cute coat or pushchair that you have also listed. On Reshopper no item is too small!

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