Curious children? How to hide their Christmas presents

So you have been super organised and got the children’s Christmas gifts all sorted before December! Hurrah! But how do you make sure that they stay hidden until Christmas day? Hiding places which are used in day to day life often run the risk of children finding gifts by accident (awkward if the gifts were on Santa’s list) or you might have older Christmas elves who will start a desperate hunt to try and track them down.  Never fear - we have got some tips to get stashing the gifts away like a Ninja!

  1. Go High

Depending on the age and height of your child, it may be a good idea to store the gifts high up, where they will be unlikely to stumble upon the gifts. Think of places that they are unlikely to go into as well, like the top kitchen cabinets or top of wardrobes. Obviously you are lucky if you have a loft or attic where they can be stashed well out of sight and reach.

  1. Hang it away

This idea works best if the gift is a little flat, small or light. Put the gift in a bag and hang the bag on a hanger in your wardrobe. Then hang a winter jacket or other item of clothing on top so when the wardrobe is quickly opened, the gift won’t be seen.

  1. Forgotten boxes

You almost certainly have a pile of old moving boxes or suitcases somewhere in your house. When they have been there for ages and look like they haven’t been touched recently, children are less likely to look in them. Put the Christmas presents in one of them, preferably not the one at the top of the stack!

  1. The most obvious place

You can also save the Christmas gift in your child's room. This is a smart idea if you suspect that your child will do a present hunt through the house - their room will be the last place that they are expecting. A classic place is under the bed. Just remember to move it before the 24th, otherwise you might get confused for Santa when you try and retrieve it!

  1. Stash the gifts with Grandma and Grandpa

If you have really curious children, one solution could be to store the presents at the grandparents’ house. If you are going to celebrate Christmas there, you are also saving transporting the gifts with your brood and the billions of other things that you will need to schlep over for the day.  Bonus!

Final Tip: Don’t forget to write a list

Once you've hidden Christmas presents around the house, it's a good idea to write down along the way what you've saved where. Otherwise, you risk forgetting it all and trying to frantically find stuff ahead of the day or having to go out and buy new gifts on Christmas Eve. And then only find it all when doing DIY at Easter. :(

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