The big picture - how spending time on your photos helps to get items sold

There are several factors that determine how quickly a product changes owners on Reshopper. Demand, brand, quality and price are of course crucial for any trade - but you should never underestimate the importance of a really good picture. No matter the item, a clear picture helps to attract interested buyers.

Not sure where to start? Here, Anna and Mille from Reshopper give some handy tips on what can make a saleable photo:

1. Avoid poor lighting


A dark photo or with a lot of shadows rarely looks attractive. Shadows can often be incorrectly seen as stains, and if a photo is dark, it can be hard to really check out the quality and colour of an item. First of all, if it is possible to take photos in full daylight, then this is the best option.  It can be tricky to get the time to do this, so we suggest if it is possible, take out all the items that you want to sell, take the photos during the day and then upload them on Reshopper when the children are in bed!

In the above example, Picture # 2 looks much better. A picture taken in daylight and preferably against a neutral background, invites you to click on it. A white floor or a light-coloured fabric makes a good background as your eye is drawn to the item without distraction. If you have a nice hook or white wall at home, you could also hang the garment up to give it more shape.

2. Show the garment from its best side

It may sound obvious but washing, ironing, doing up any buttons / closing zippers can be crucial for a garment to look nice. Smooth it out flat - in the photo above you can't tell if the item is just wrinkled or has shrunk in the wash! The better shape the item looks, the more likely it will be that it will sell and you can get a good price for it.

3. Remove all the distracting elements from the background

The morning's half-drunk coffee cup, the children's toys and the all time classic photo destroyer, the pile of other clothes to be photographed - get them out of the picture! Not only are they distracting from what you are trying to sell, but also people want the illusion that they are picking up from a tidy home (even if we are painfully aware that this is super hard when you have children ;))

4. The Flatlay

This is the extra step, which is not necessary but can help your item to stand out in the feed. A little detail like a flower, autumn leaves, toy or other fine decorative detail can be the difference between an interested buyer clicking on your photo over a similar products. Laying the item at an angle (but still so that you can see the whole item) - can also make it look a bit more interesting. This also works well if you are planning to share your items on social media. An example that we have seen which are cute but also helpful, is putting building blocks or magnets with the size of the item in the photo (also really helps you if listing the items later, so you don't have to keep going back and checking the labels). One of our Sellers of the week also had a vase with her initials on it in each of her photos which helped to ‘brand’ her store. As we said this step is unnecessary but if you enjoy styling, it can make the task a bit more fun.

Now the picture is ready and ready to be uploaded to Reshopper. Onto the next!


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