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Today, Reshopper was featured on BBC Radio 4's You and Yours programme. After describing Reshopper as a 'brand new way of selling things' in the same class as Ebay, Uber, Etsy and Depop; the host, Winifred Robinson, interviewed Anne Sofie Kirkegaard, a Mum in Copenhagen, about why she loves using Reshopper:


“It’s so specific to what I really need. It’s only stuff for babies and what you’ll need for younger children. The other thing is this sense of community which I actually think is quite unique. You will automatically get in contact with families in your neighbourhood.

If you open the app you will see it is just really nicely laid out and it is super intuitive to use. There is just a search field you use to search for what you need and it will show you the various options within the radius you picked."

She then discussed her latest purchase:

"The latest thing I bought was a pram actually. And I found one that was the equivalent to £40 - if I had to go buy a new one, I mean I would have to pay 10x that. And then I come pick it up and the very nice lady says that she actually bought it on Reshopper the year before for £80. And i’m thinking when I’m done using it in a year or so, I’ll probably sell it for £20. So that’s kind of how the eco-system also works."

They also interviewed Anne Marie O’Leary, the editor in chief at NetMums, if she thought Reshopper would take off in the UK.

"I think it definitely would. You only have to look at the success of local selling groups in terms of connecting Mums locally online to know that it’s how Mums like to operate here. Babies, like that lady just said, need lots and lots of equipment, well children generally do, and we don’t tend to live in houses big enough anymore to accommodate all that stuff, so it makes sense that once you’ve used it, you pass it onto the next person. And when you have a child you tend to live very hyper-locally anyway, so it’s nice to think that you can pass it onto someone in your neighbourhood. So I think it will definitely fly here."

She was also asked about what she thought made Reshopper better than other buy and sell marketplaces:

"Well it is very, very easy to use, it also really profiles you so it asks you how old your children are down to a very granular level so that you can really make it bespoke to you. You are not going to have to sift through pages and pages and scrolls and scrolls of stuff that isn’t relevant to you to find that kind of diamond in the rough. You can really get to the nitty gritty very quickly. Mums are the most time pressed people in the world, as we all know, so they need apps which are going to work quick and fast for them, and it really does hit that nail right on the head."

You can hear the excerpt here: (interview starts 17.40 mins in, or select 'Reselling Apps' to hear our segment)



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