Get started with Selling

January can seem a very long month when you have been paid before Christmas and then get hit with lots of bills and expenses. At the same time, your children may have received a lot of presents for Christmas, so you might need to have a bit of a clean up and sort out at home. This means that it is the perfect time to start selling and get some extra cash into your bank account!

As well as the above, many people actively search for secondhand kids’ items in January as they know that they can find great bargains, and lots of unwanted presents from Christmas. That's why there is no better time than now to put your children’s items up for sale in the app. However, we know it can be hard to get started, so we have got some tips to help inspire you.

How to get started selling children’s items

  1. Sort it all at once

Like Marie Kondo, the Queen of decluttering, says you have to tackle all like things together. So make sure that you examine all of the items in each category - toys, clothes, books, shoes, equipment and furniture. It will give you a better overview of what needs to stay, what needs to go and what you need. Make three piles: Keep, throw out/recycle or sell.

  1. Think of the season when it comes to clothes and equipment

When you sort your children's clothes, it can help to separate them into seasons, summer, autumn, winter, spring. If you do not have the time to put it all on the app immediately, then give priority to putting winter clothes and spring clothes on here at the beginning of the year. It's often easier to sell what other people need right now. The same goes for if you have any winter accessories or equipment, like winter boots or footmuffs for pushchairs.

  1. Get the light right!

    Items sell best when the pictures are taken in daylight with a neutral background. Ideally you should try and take pictures of all the items when the light is good (maybe at naptime, or when the children are at daycare/school) and then you can list all the items on the app when the children are asleep in the evening.

  1. Make a deal

If you want to get rid of things faster, give a quantity discount if people purchase more than one item from your store.

  1. Be realistic with the price

Put the goods at a realistic price so you do not have to hold onto them too long. It can be really annoying if you do not get the snowsuit sold now and then have to hold onto it until next Autumn. If after a couple of weeks the item is not sold, you might consider lowering the price. Check what others have put for similar items and brands so that you have an idea of ​​the price level.

  1. Sell in packages

Some items go like hot cakes. It will not take long before a JoJo dress is out of the door if the price is right. But it may be a little harder to sell a lot of clothing from brands like Primark, Tu and George, as there is a lot of it on the app. Also as the price will be a lot lower, people might not be so excited to head out for an item which is only £1.

Therefore try to think in packages. Collect clothes of the same size and style and sell it together at a good price. For example, it may be "extra clothes for the nursery" or you may sort the clothes in colours or outfits. It can often make a buyer interested when they can see what they can use it for.

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