Reshopper featured in The Sun

Today Reshopper was featured in The Sun. The article introduced the Reshopper concept and gave examples of how much money parents could save by buying secondhand items on Reshopper.

They also interviewed Carla Perry, a British Mum who has been using Reshopper in Denmark.

"It's really popular over here and really simple to use.You just create a profile and search for items or select where you live and set a radius from where you want to pick up the items from. From when Flora was about three-months-old until she was about one, I used it all the time - both for buying and selling. I once bought a baby walker for £35 which would have cost £100 normally - and then when Flora didn't need it anymore I sold it via the app for another £35. You're buying and selling in your local area so it's really convenient too."

You can read the full article here:

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