How to refer friends to Reshopper

We all know that the best recommendations come from friends and family. The people that you trust and the ones that instinctively know when they come across a good thing. We also know that the best way for us to grow our Reshopper community is to get our fabulous users to let others know that we are an easy and safe way to trade their children's outgrown items.

Therefore, for the rest of February, we will be giving £1 to all users for each friend or family member they recommend who becomes a Reshopper. To take part is easy - you just need to go through your Reshopper settings to get a link which you can then share on any Social Media channel or through Whatsapp and/or email. The person who also brings the most people on board will win an extra bonus £150. So there has never been a better time to share the Reshopper love! 

To get your link, just follow the steps below:







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