Reshopper is a free smartphone app to help parents trade their preloved kids' things locally, safely and efficiently. You can open your store in minutes and buy and sell everything for kids - from clothes, shoes and toys to furniture, bikes and equipment. With filters customisable to your child’s gender, age and size, and your location - you will only see relevant, nearby items. Listing items is free and we don’t take any cut of your sale, or charge buyers extra.

Selling: Do your kids have nice clothes and other items just gathering dust in the attic, cellar, garage or in the closet? Use Reshopper to easily transform your home to a shop - only using your smartphone. Make money instantly on things your kids no longer use, give old items new life and spread joy to families in your neighbourhood.

Buying: Need new things fast but short on cash? Reshopper gives you a quick overview of what families in your area have for sale. Just open the app on your smartphone and start exploring. Maybe your neighbour or someone else in your community has that cot, changing table, bicycle or coat that you need, and for a bargain price!

Join hundreds of thousands of parents across Scandinavia and the Netherlands who use the app to clear out their children’s outgrown things and find new bargains, right on their doorsteps. Great for your wallet, your community and the environment too!