How can I be a considerate buyer?

Reshopper is made for families with children, so that they can quickly sell their preloved children's things and avoid it gathering dust in the garage, cellar or attic. In many cases, the value of preloved children things is relatively low, and therefore the seller's profits in many cases can be limited. Many sellers use Reshopper to give their children’s preloved things a new life instead of throwing it out. This works as it is really good for the environment and for you as a buyer. It is therefore a good idea to be a considerate buyer, so that the seller also has a good Reshopper experience and continues to sell their outgrown items.

When you bid

Many Reshoppers set a fixed price for their goods and often this is already set very low.  If the product is reasonably priced, please think twice about asking the seller for a discount, sorely for the sake of getting a discount. Moreover, it is also a good idea to respect when the seller has marked fixed price on an item and therefore does not want bids.  

Sending items

Reshopper is primarily meant to be a local marketplace, where you meet face to face with other families in the local area. This is one of the reasons why many people sell their children’s things on Reshopper - it saves the time and hassle of posting items. We ask that unless a Seller has marked on their listing that they are happy to post an item, please do not ask them to do so.

If you have found an item that you can’t live without and have decided to get it sent to you, remember that postage cost will increase the price and you risk that the item is not as described as you do not have the opportunity to see it in advance.

How do I pay for an item if it is being sent?

If you are having an item sent to you - please do not transfer money to someone’s bank account. This option gives you no protection and leaves you open to being scammed.

We strongly recommend that in any situation where you are unable to see, collect and pay for the item yourself, all transactions should be made through PayPal and paid with the Goods and Services option only. If you pay with the Paypal Friends & Family option, then you and the seller do not have Paypal Protection and are unable to open up a claim against items not arriving, being damaged in transit or not being as described. You can find out more about PayPal’s policy here.

Questions about the item

You may have a question or two about an item but if you have a lot of questions about it, you should consider whether or not it’s quicker to just swing by and take a look at it.

Once you have made an agreement with the seller

Families are very busy and it is therefore a good idea to keep appointments with other Reshoppers to collect items, so they don’t sell to you and then are left waiting in vain. Of course, things don’t always run to plan, and so we always recommend dropping the seller a message if you need to postpone or cancel a collection.

We have also written a blog post with 10 tips for making a deal on Reshopper that will leave both sellers and buyers happy which you can read here.