I see new items for sale

Everyone has made a few wrong purchases - you bought and stashed expecting a girl and had a boy, or didn’t get round to returning that jacket in the wrong size in time. Also a lot of people get brand new baby clothes at baby showers which just aren’t their style! Therefore, there will always be new, unworn items in the app, but we draw the line at the reselling of new products bought with the intention of reselling to make money. This simply goes against the ethos of what Reshopper is about. If you find a seller with many new items, please feel free to report the item / items via the flag that you find on the product itself. This notification is anonymous.

If the same product is reported by several users, then the item will automatically disappear and the seller will be informed about it. The Seller then has the opportunity to object, after which a decision may be made to activate the product again.