Deactivated Items

Every day thousands of items are created on Reshopper, and unfortunately we do not have the ability to check all the goods one by one on entry and decide if they are suitable. Whilst we have moderators checking uploaded listings, we have also given Reshopper users the opportunity to report listings so that we can all help to ensure that Reshopper continues to be specific to children.

When a number of users report a single item, it will automatically be deactivated. When this happens, the user receives an email where they can lodge an objection and open a review. We will then decide whether the item should be reactivated.

Here you can find the typical reasons why an item has been deactivated:

  • The item was created incorrectly
  • The product is not for children
  • It is an advertisement
  • It is a counterfeit product
  • You are reselling new things
  • The product is not safe or legal
  • You are reselling car seats, riding or crash helmets
  • Your listing contains a copyrighted image
  • You are reselling a Bednest Crib or baby sleep positioner