The product is not for children

Reshopper is a marketplace for preloved things for kids. In other words: You can sell your children’s things, not your own. If an item is not exclusively for children it will be deactivated.

Sometimes furniture, electronics and home accessories can seem to fall into a grey area. If you’re unsure, think about who the main audience for the item really is. For this reason, Reshopper is not the place for nursing chairs, leather couches that are child-friendly, coffee machines that are used during maternity leave, exercise equipment, furniture, lamps, etc. as they will all be used in a normal living space. People love Reshopper because unlike other apps and sites it only sells stuff for kids, so please remember that when listing!

If you disagree with a deactivation of an item, you have the opportunity to object, and then we can manually determine whether the item should be reactivated. This can be done through the email that is sent to you to let you know that the item has been deactivated.