What is Reshopper Plus?

Currently Reshopper Plus is not available in the UK. It is our 'subscriber' service in Denmark, where members get access to extra features to boost their Reshopper experience. We will be looking at how we roll out these features in the UK and will keep you updated on our blog and Facebook page.


If you are a Danish user of Reshopper - you can find out more below:

We are passionate about improving Reshopper and making new features to ensure Reshopper continues to be a fun, safe and easy way to trade items in your neighbourhood. For those of you who would like a bit more, we have bundled together a load of bonus goodies that can make your experience with Reshopper even better. We call it Reshopper Plus.

We will always provide our free classic version of Reshopper which parents know and love. However, we have to acknowledge that providing an app like Reshopper and continuing to develop and service it as our user base grows is difficult, especially when we don’t currently take any income from it. Reshopper Plus is a way of supporting the team behind the development of the app and those who provide service to over 300k users.

So if you would like to support Reshopper by purchasing a Plus membership, you can do it within your shop by tapping the red Plus logo. Membership costs 39 kroner a month, but you will get a 14 days free trial, so you can test it out and see if it works for you.

With Plus membership you can:

Create up to 10 unique filters for your children
With Reshopper Plus, you can create more filters to make your searches completely specific, and avoiding seeing anything that does not fit your children. You may want to create a filter for each of your children, friend’s children or family members, or you may want to search separately on clothes, shoes or toys.

Save up to 10 favourite addresses
Do you work far away, or have family at the other end of the country? Is there a holiday spot that you often return to, or other meaningful places to you and your family? You can save your favourite addresses and search the area if you headed there in the future. Or persuade your sister to pick up some great items in her neighbourhood before coming to visit you for the weekend!

Be advert free
With Reshopper Plus, you won’t see any adverts in the app.

Expand the search radius to the entire country
At Reshopper, we love local! The app was built so that you could shop in your local area, but we understand that when you are on the hunt for a particular item, you are willing to drive a little further or look at postage options. We have now included the option to search the entire country with one click for Plus members.

Sell homemade items
We know that homemade items are popular with our users, and so now with a Plus membership you will be able to sell home knitted, crocheted, sewn and printed items. Whilst the aim is not for Reshopper to become a platform for new items, we know that there are a lot of talented hobbyists out there who can now include their work amongst secondhand items.

Increased visibility with Plus tag on your profile picture
When you're a Reshopper Plus member, you'll also get a plus tag on your profile. We have found that this builds extra trust and reassurance with other users



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